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M.S.Ramaiah College of Engineering, Bangalore Established in 1962 by SRI M.S.Ramaiah., a Master, Visionary and a Trend setter. Sri M.S.Ramaiah established Engineering College, in Private Sector and ensured that all the Branches in engineering i.e. Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Industrial, Computer, Chemical and Mechanical, are in place. Subsequently the Institution has been re-named in the year 1980 as M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology, which we are all aware.

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology has carved out for itself a big name all over the country and is recognized as a premier educational institution in India and has created a landmark in the history of technical education of India to impart much needed engineering education and an access was provided to all those who had been denied such an opportunity till then, in all parts of the country and outside.

Ipso facto, though the Institution had National-wide Presence, the Majority of the Students were hailing from Andhra Pradesh, until the concept of incepting Engineering Colleges in Private Sector opened up in 1985 in A.P.

The 1979 batch of students were in regular touch and also used to meet very regularly in small groups. The idea of forming an alumni association sprang up during one of such group gatherings in 2004 and found immediate support. The result was a gathering of over one hundred members of the Ramaiah alumni in 2005 at a private farm house near Gandipet in March. This alumni meet was sponsored by Er. Ramesh Parwathaneni, a civil Engineering graduate of 1979 Batch and Civil Contractor by Profession. The grand gathering enthused the organisers to strengthen their efforts and continue with the process of annual alumni meets.

The Second alumni meet took place at cozy club,Gandipet in March 2006.A group of over 120 members gather for the meet with members arriving from Mumbai,Bengaluru & Vishakapatnam. This meet was sponsored by the 1978 batch led by Er. S. Surendra and Er. P. Ajay Kumar Raju.

The Third meet took place in March 2007 at Green lands clubs, Kompally and was organized by the 1980 batch led by Er. C. H. Laxaminarasimha Rao, Er. K. Satish Kumar and Er. G.V.V.L.V. Prasad Raju. A gathering of around 160 members including a group of 20 super seniors belonging to 1962 to1969, Batches.

The fourth meet is scheduled on 09th February 2008 at Green lands clubs, Kompally. This meet is being sponsored by the 1977 batch. A proposal to register the Alumni society as well as to have an elected body to run this society is also planned now. It is proposed to create a fund with the contributions from all the members and to undertake social service activities in line with the thinking of the Alumni members.

For our regular meet on 2nd saturday of february month every year our alumini members sponsored the event till the year 2013


6th Alumni Meet on 13th Feb 2010 - Sponsored by 1985 Batch

7th Alumni Meet on 12th Feb 2011 - Sponsored by 1984 Batch

8th Alumni Meet on 18th Feb 2012 Sponsored by Sri T.Pradeep Rao (1979 Batch)

9th Alumni Meet on 9th Feb 2013  - Sponsored by 1982 Batch


For all the Alumni meets and other events. the venue / place will be informed through post, SMS, Emails and our Website " www.msritapaa.com"

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